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Mission to Iraq — December, 2019

On December 5th, 2019, Randy Mayfield and a mission team of six members of Central Presbyterian Church left St. Louis on a twelve day mission trip that included visits to Erbil, Kurdistan in northern Iraq and Amman, Jordan. This was Randy’s 12th annual trip to Iraq. With the recent influx of many new refugees from Syria, it was a critical time to help those with many needs. By God’s grace, the team returned home two weeks before the recent hostile incidents with Iran.

The team taught art classes, shared in music, crafts, and games with children in the refugee camps. They participated in training classes where youth and adults learn a trade such as sewing, electrical, hair dressing, art, music, and computer skills. Graduates of the classes received certificates and the tools need to practice their new trade, i.e., sewing machines, barber tools, computer, etc. Our team also met with a group of widows, some of whom shared very heart-wrenching stories of losing their husbands and children to ISIS and in the ongoing wars.

The team also delivered aid to many refugee families including food, clothing, and household goods. Randy also worked alongside the NGO, “Hand of Help” run by our missionary, Jamal. In the Mosul area, Hand of Help is currently rebuilding homes that had been destroyed you ISIS. The families are retiring to Mosel after living in refugee camps in Erbil served by Jamal’s ministry.

Randy visited the Waleeds, one of his favorite families in Mosul. He brought them musical instruments, chocolates and other gifts to remind them that the people of Central love and care for them.

As with many of the previous trips to Erbil, the team met with members of the Kurdish Parliament. This time, however, they were presented with a plaque giving thanks and recognition from the Vice President. The team also visited and took supplies to the Peshmerga Army who are guarding the borders between Iraq and Turkey, Syria and Iran.

If you would like more information on Central Missions or would like to be a part of our Mission team, please call or email Pastor Randy or his assistant, Carol Mulick at Central Presbyterian Church at (314) 727-2777 ext. 133. You can email Randy at

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