Cover of Randy Mayfield biography, One Life

One Life, Your Gift Will Make a Way

My book of mission stories is based on my experiences around the world over the past 40 years. Click here for more information

Mission to Iraq

In December of 2022, Randy Mayfield took a team from Central Presbyterian Church to work with refugees and the military in Northern Iraq (Kurdistan Region). This was Randy’s 12th annual trip to Iraq. With the recent influx of many new refugees from Syria, it was a critical time to help with many needs.

“The Chosen”

Friends, if you haven’t yet had the opportunity to watch the television series, “The Chosen,” I would implore you to do so. You will thank me! No matter what you believe about Jesus Christ, this is one of the best programs on TV today! I’ve seen a lot of “hokey” Christian movies and TV shows… [...]

What’s Been Happening?? (An update on Ministry and Life since my Retirement!)

So hey, I finally retired at the end of 2020!... but not from life or ministry. I just said goodbye to my office at the Central Presbyterian Church in St. Louis where I’ve served for more than 42 years and it’s been a fun ride since! Sharon and I spent most of 2020 during the [...]

On the Streets of Honduras

So today was my first full day here in Honduras… and it was indeed FULL! By the way, this may be a bit long for a Facebook post but I can’t get to my blog from here, so if you don’t want to know what God is doing in Honduras, that’s OK, just look at […]

On the Road Again… 2021 Mission to Iraq

After almost two years of Covid lock-down, I was finally able to make my first international trip in July of 2021. I’ve been waiting to get back to Iraq to see and minister with some very close friends. My friend, Jamal, has faithfully been going to Iraq, particularly the Northern Kurdistan region, for almost 15 […]