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“The Chosen”

Friends, if you haven’t yet had the opportunity to watch the television series, “The Chosen,” I would implore you to do so. You will thank me! No matter what you believe about Jesus Christ, this is one of the best programs on TV today! I’ve seen a lot of “hokey” Christian movies and TV shows… this is NOT one of them! The production quality, script, actors, etc. are all excellent. Yes, it stays true to the scriptures on the life of Christ, but it also “fleshes out” the life of Christ and his disciples to where we see them as real people who lived in the first century and faced real day to day issues in life and relationships.

Jesus is loving and personable… and even funny at times. At one point in the show, he looks at his disciples and says… “Too soon?!” The disciples are typical down to earth fishermen, tax collectors and they even get into arguments from time to time. No, we don’t read about much of this in between the lines in the Bible, but I wouldn’t write about my arguments with others either!

So far, there have been two seasons of 8 episodes each and they are available free on a number of streaming sites including Netflix, YouTube and best on the Chosen app. The series has been fully funded through three seasons (Season 3 should come out late summer or early fall.) It has become the largest media crowd funded project in history.

The Chosen is the vision of its director, Dallas Jenkins and he anticipates there being at least seven seasons. He gives his all during the filming.

As a joyous aside, my girlfriend, Sharon, and I were blessed to be “extras” in the filming of the feeding of the 5000 episode this past June in Midlothian, Texas where the new Chosen studios have been built. It was hot but wonderful spending 10 hours in the warm Texas sun. Here are a few of our favorite photos. I especially love the one taken from a screen grab of The Chosen video made during the filming where I’m standing on the sidelines on my cell phone! So first century!! (Sharon’s favorite is Matthew – Paras Patel!)