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Mission to Iraq — December, 2022

                                                                            IRAQ MISSION – DECEMBER 2022

We had a great time visiting with the Peshmerga Army in Kurdistan as well as with many government officials.

Our team from St. Louis was Pastor Ben Tzeng and Central’s new Mission director, Pete Johnson.  It was their first time in the Middle East and they had a great time.  This was likely my final visit after 15 years in the MIddle East!  We ministered alongside our missionary, Jamal.

We visited in the Refugee camps and shared fellowship with many who live there. We also shared in some area churches in music and the Word.



Baptisms, the Army and friends!

Music and fellowship and even a visit to the Jordan River!  

Santa visited with the kids and we had a great time giving gifts and singing!

The ladies graduation from sewing classes and lunch with the Sheik!